Managing Aggressive Customers

Managing Aggressive Customers training program was developed to suit all business types where aggressive situations may occur. It gives the participant the necessary tools to handle aggressive situations whether it is from a customer, client, patron or staff member.


   Benefits of the program include:


  • easy to implement techniques

  • the ability to minimise conflict

  • awareness in the work place

  • communication techniques

  • maintain reputation through quality customer service

  • minimise stress leave

  • improved confidence and moral

  • improve job satisfaction, retention of staff


     and most important......






     The training includes:


  • Power point presentation

  • Reference material

  • Attitudes and Awareness;

  • Best Practice Service Techniques;

  • Verbal Conflict Management;

  • Behaviours and Solutions;

  • Communication Techniques;

  • Control Techniques;

  • Physical Control Techniques



     passivePOWER’s Managing Aggressive Customers training can be delivered at your workplace to minimise your staff downtime.



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