Armed Robbery Minimisation

Armed Robbery Minimisation training has been developed to suit any industry where there is a risk and you need to meet your training compliance requirements. This course will increase security of any business which involves cash handling, cash storage or cash in transit operations, extended opening hours, or is manned by only one staff member.


Topics covered in training are:

  • Duty of care

  • Psychology of the crime

  • Electronic and other devices

  • Staff training

  • Armed Hold-up survival rules

  • Identifying the suspect

  • Assessing risk

  • Design considerations

  • Cash Procedures

  • Post robbery

  • Workplace procedures


We pride ourselves in offering the best experience possible with a 4-and-a-half-hour interactive presentation that can include practical information, theory, discussions and role play, depending on your requirements as each course is tailored to suit your business needs. Each participant will receive a workbook for reference and a certificate on completion.




The passivePOWER Armed Robbery Minimisation training can be delivered at your workplace at a time that is suitable to you.

We can also provide:

      Mock Armed Robbery: A class in which participants are subjected to real-life scenarios to demonstrate how the theory of the class can  be  applied in  a  real  situation.





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