Emergency Self Protection

With violence towards women and children as prevalent as it is at the moment, the ability to protect yourself is more important than ever.

This segment on the prevalence of domestic violence,seen on

the TODAY show 2nd February 2017:




​​​Emergency Self Protection (ESP)  was developed to provided a passive self

protection program that is suitable for all people. It's quick to learn, easy to remember

and effective.


It is Proactive, not Retaliatory


as it employs the principles of:

  • Evade

  • Escape

  • Counter


Some benefits of learning ESP:


  • confidence and control of situations

  • Improves concentration

  • minimises risk of litigation

  • the sense of feeling safe

  • non aggressive

  • no strikes

  • easy to learn

  • suitable for most ages (age 10+)


Training will teach you:


  • how to recognise when an attack is about to occur

  • how to perform at least three methods of blocking a punch.

  • five unobtrusive stances to use when threatened by an attack.

  • at least one escape, or counter, to a range of attacks.


Emergency Self Protection is designed with the novice in mind, this program has no pre-requisites, nor, due to the simplicity of the moves, does age or fitness level present a barrier.  Mobility is also not an issue with this program, many of the techniques can be carried out sitting in a chair or can be modified to suit those in a seated position.


Be Empowered with

Passive Power!

Passive Power Head Office and Training Centre:

The Jade Healing Centre 

97A Henry St, Penrith        4704 8490