The Team

William Ford (Bill)


Founder Passive Power system

Responsible for course content and design of all courses

Professor of Martial Arts (University of Maryland U.S.A.)
(Ph.D M.D) M.A.P.A.S (Martial Arts Philosophy & Asian Science)


Cert IV Training and Assessment

Cert III Community Recreation (Self Defence) Instruction

Life Member WOMA (World Organisation Martial Arts)

1st Place - Australian All Styles Defence Championship 1979 - 80 - 81

10th Dan and Master Shen Do Kung Fu


55 years of experience as a martial artist

Also studied

  • Judo

  • Aikido

  • Hap Ki Do

  • Tae Kwon Do

  • Arnis

  • Boxing

  • Wrestling


14 years  NSW Police Force

First Line Commander's Course

Protocol Course

Crime Scene Preservation and Investigation


7 years as Senior Security Supervisor


6th Grade A.M.E.B. and T.C.L. Speech and Drama (with honours)


Public Speaker – Conflict Management solutions, Preventing Bullying, Situational Awareness, Passive Self Protection Tactics and Techniques, Weaponless Defence Tactics.



Deep tissue masseur          Shiatsu  practitioner


Passive Power and Secrets For Stopping Bullying  (Part I - Secret Signs) and Secrets For Stopping Bullying (Part II - Secret Solutions)

Steven Squassoni

Owner The Jade Healing Centre

Senior Instructor with Passive Power

Assist in course design

Responsible for implementation, running and overseeing of courses

RoTai Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner Lvl I & II


Speaker: How to improve your mind, your body and YOU.

Training in Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi 8yrs

Held Accreditation with AKWF as an instructor Kung Fu

Held Accreditation with Australian Sports Commission Active After School Program

Held 1st, 2nd  place in ISKA Australia Intermediate group (International Sporting Karate Association) rankings 2011 for:


  • Forms ( Age 40+)

  • Weapons ( Age40+)

  • Sword combat 1st place ( Age 40+)


Australiasian Title for point sparring 1st place 2011

3rd ISKA World Championship Forms 2011

Passive Power Head Office and Training Centre:

The Jade Healing Centre 

97A Henry St, Penrith        4704 8490